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Our new Convenience Store is opening this winter and we are looking for motivated individuals to work in this fun environment. Apply Now!!

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Clear Lake Cenex C-Store: Job Application

CL Cenex C-Store

So much more than just gas...

Clear Lake Cenex C-Store: Welcome


Deli Items

  • Pizza

  • Sub sandwiches

  • Party subs

  • Broasted chicken

  • Chicken strips

  • Cheese balls

  • Potato wedges

  • Popcorn chicken

  • Mozzarella sticks​

Variety of Items

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Our C-Store also offers:

  • Gourmet coffees

  • Pastries

  • Softserve ice cream

  • Beer

  • Ice

  • Video rental

  • Lottery tickets

  • LP bottles - for sale and exchange

  • Clear Lake Courier

  • Argus Leader

  • Hunting license


Featuring Cenex Fuels

Cenex Top Tier™

  • Standard in every grade of Cenex gasoline without an increase in price.

  • Formulated for every engine- including today’s sophisticated engines as well as legacy engines.

  • Top Tier is certified to exceed EPA detergent requirements through 4 rigorous tests.

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Highly recommended by 7 out of the top 10 automakers.

  • 2.5X the cleaning power of regular fuel which removes deposits left behind by other gasoline and cleans dirty intake valves and fuel injectors.

  • Easy automatic maintenance which can lead to fewer trips to the mechanic.*


    with improved fuel economy, better drivability, restored engine power, maintained optimal injector performance and minimized emissions.

Clear Lake Cenex C-Store: Products
Clear Lake Cenex C-Store: Gallery
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