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Our Propane Services

At DCFU, we’ve worked hard to offer smart, flexible and affordable services that can benefit all of our patrons.
We offer a variety of ways to purchase your propane- Contract, Budget, Cash.

The Budget Plan

The Budget plan is a great option for everyone looking for a consistent monthly payment plan for residential propane. Benefits include-

  • LP price locked in for the duration of the heating season

  • Consistent monthly billing

  • Avoid lump payments for LP delivery

Enrollment in the Budget Plan automatically includes your home tank in the-

Scheduled Delivery Program.

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Scheduled Delivery Program

The Scheduled Delivery Program -sometimes referred to as "Keep Full"- is just as the name indicates - we schedule a LP delivery when your tank drops to approximately 20% capacity. Tanks are filled to 80%. This could result in filling your tank as often as once a month.

No more checking your tank level, no more out of LP service charges. 

To enroll and get the small print give us a call or send us a note.

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LP Contract

A LP contract refers to pre-pay of the purchase of a fixed amount of propane at a fixed price to be delivered to your home or business during the heating and/or drying season. The contract price per gallon of propane is typically lower than the usual retail price and could lead to substantial savings depending on the amount of propane you buy. Additionally DCFU pays interests on LP Contract accounts. Contact us for details.

Propane Policy

  • All new customers are subject to a leak check of their propane system.

  • Anytime propane has been interrupted (making repairs, modifications, or changing of regulators, run out of LP), the system must be leak checked.

  • Customers that run out of propane must have their system leak checked at their own expense. The customer or their representative must be present during a leak check to allow entry into the home.

  • Leak checks are billed out at a $50.00 minimum. 

  • Deliveries or service calls that occur on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday or between the hours of 5pm and 8am will incur a minimum $50.00 "after hours" charge.

  • Call-in orders of less than 150 gallons are subject to a minimum service charge of additional .20¢ per gallon fee.

  • .10¢ per gallon discount for propane if paid within 10 days of delivery.

  • All regulators will be replaced according to the manufacturer’s expiration date and must be replaced before the tank can be filled. Our propane truck driver will be in touch with those that have regulators or other systems that are not in compliance.

  • All appliances, underground piping, and other repairs or installations must be done by a trained gas service technician.

  • This policy may be changed at anytime and without prior notice.

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